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Welcome to my website! Whether you were brought here by interest in my work or a Google search gone terribly wrong, I encourage you to hang around and start clicking away!

My latest novel, Veiled, is coming June 6th in Kindle and paperback editions!

My novelization of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is now available in e-book, paperback, and audiobook editions from the retailer of your choice! (Amazon link HERE.)

Demonic is available in Kindle and paperback editions!

(P.S.: People who leave reviews on Amazon deserve great big hugs!)

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VEILED Out Today!

Whoa! My new book is out! Yes, kids, Veiled is now available in Kindle and paperback editions! (Kids–don’t read Veiled.)

Get it HERE!

June 5th

Another issue of my newsletter goes out tomorrow! Contains an “interview” with Bridgett Nelson (y’know, the usual antagonistic ones that are completely made up) and the brand-new story “A Little Too Funny.” Subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/dewPc9

Oh, also, my new novel Veiled comes out tomorrow.

VEILED: The Cover!

Here’s Lynne Hansen‘s cover to my latest novel, Veiled! Watch for this psychological thriller very, very soon!!!

May 16

Hey, I finished a new novel this weekend! It’s a psychological thriller called Veiled, and it’ll be out sometime this summer.

In the meantime, the latest issue of my newsletter went out today. If you’re not a subscriber, you can check it out HERE.


Yes, I’ve done it. I’ve posted my first TikTok video.

This one is just an introduction. Tomorrow’s is….messy.

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Tomato Day!

At long, long last, the day has arrived! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Novelization is now available!

A little anticlimactic, perhaps, since you’ve been able to get copies directly from Encyclopocalypse Publications for the past few weeks, and many people who pre-ordered from Amazon have already received their copies, and I sold a bunch at Scares That Care AuthorCon a couple of weeks ago…but still! Today is the official publication day!

Get it wherever you buy books online, or right HERE.

April 13

Whoa! Today is the very last day you can pre-order Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! After that, you’ll have to just regular order it, like a lice-ridden commoner.

Early reviews say:

“I swear it is one of the most hilarious books I’ve ever read.”

“This book is laugh-out-loud hysterical.”

“This will definitely go down as the best novelization EVER!”

“Laugh out loud hilarious and absurd.”

“This was such a blast.”

“I can’t say enough how funny this was.”

“This book was an absolute riot.”

“I don’t think I was the intended audience for this.”

Prepare yourself. The tomatoes attack tomorrow…

WOLF HUNT 3 Limited Edition

At long last, the hardcover limited edition of Wolf Hunt 3 is up for pre-order! (It’ll ship in late April from Weird House Press.) Cover art by Frank Walls, who did the covers to the limited editions of Wolf Hunt 1 & 2.

Pre-order it HERE.

Early next week I’m heading up to Virginia for Scares That Care AuthorCon! Before that, I’ll be an instructor at the Scares That Care Writers Workshop, so if you come up to my table and I just stare at you with glazed eyes as I babble softly and incoherently, please forgive me.

March 15

Welcome to mid-March!

I had three short stories due at the end of this month, and I’m pleased to announce that I turned all of them in early. Granted, that’s because I’m very, very, very busy preparing for the Scares That Care Writers Workshop, where I’m an instructor and which is also at the end of this month, and so something had to get done early.

Still, “Torture Porn For Prudes,” “Snippy,” and “Avert Thine Eyes” are all done and off to the editors.

It’s just under a month until my novelization of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is widely available! (Copies ordered directly from the publisher shipped weeks ago.) This article about the rise, fall, and rebirth of novelizations has very kind things to say about it, so click HERE.

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