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AutumnBleedsIntoWinterFront_FinalWelcome to my website! Whether you were brought here by interest in my work or a Google search gone terribly wrong, I encourage you to hang around and start clicking away!

The Kindle and paperback editions of my latest novel, Autumn Bleeds Into Winter, are now available!

The long-awaited fifth installment of the Andrew Mayhem series, Cemetery Closing (Everything Must Go) is now available in a Kindle and paperback edition! And the first four books of the series are available in brand new paperback editions!

The Odds, is now available in a Kindle and paperback edition!

Allison is now available in a Kindle and paperback edition!

(P.S.: People who leave reviews on Amazon deserve great big hugs!)

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September 22

Early reaction to Autumn Bleeds Into Winter has been my best ever. One beta reader said it finally knocked Pressure from the top spot, and another reader said it finally knocked Dweller from the top spot, and the reader reviews on Amazon and Goodreads have been similarly enthusiastic. So I’m hoping that, sales-wise, this one will be a Blister or a My Pretties instead of a Bang Up! Both the Kindle and paperback editions are now available. Get it HERE.

With my new book out, I’ve been able to sit back, relax, and spend some time on the couch watching…no, wait, I’m confusing my hot fantasies with cold, cruel reality. I dove straight into my next novel, Deathless, and I also have to do the second draft of my screenplay adaptation of my novel The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. The notes I have to address are not insignificant.

The YA horror magazine Night Frights just published its very first issue, which contains my ridiculous story “The Mummy’s Bite.” Get it HERE.


Just a very quick update to let you know that the paperback edition of Autumn Bleeds Into Winter is now available! Click HERE!

New Novel Available Now!

My new book is out! Yes, the Kindle edition of Autumn Bleeds Into Winter is now available. Get it right HERE. Paperback coming soon.

Here’s the back cover copy:

1979. Somebody has been abducting children in Fairbanks, Alaska. One of the victims was fourteen-year-old Curtis Black’s best friend Todd. 

Curtis saw it happen. He knows exactly who did it. 

But he can’t prove that it was his neighbor Gerald Martin. The authorities find no evidence of the crime. There’s nothing they can do. 

So he’s going to confront Mr. Martin himself. 

And this is just the beginning of the terrifying story…

From the author of Pressure and My Pretties comes a nerve-wracking coming-of-age thriller. 

September 10th

Yeah, updates have been sparse here lately, as I’ve been in that all-encompassing “finishing up a new novel” stage. But it’s done, so that’s pretty cool.

I’ll catch up more later, but I wanted to share that tomorrow begins WRITING IN THE DARK, a 3-day horror writing seminar and companion event to the mighty Tim Waggoner’s book of the same name, and he’s brought on guest stars a-plenty! I’ll have a panel on “Why Horror Matters” Friday at 5:00 PM EST and a Q&A following right after that. Get all the details and buy your tickets here:


August 17th

In tomorrow’s issue of my newsletter, you get to endure my attempt at poetry with “Ten Little Babies.” Your time is valuable, so I strongly suggest you do not click the link and subscribe. eepurl.com/dewPc9

That’s all. Nothing more needs to be said.

August 13th

I’ve got virtual events galore! I was a late addition to the Self-Employment Productivity Summit, which will have just started as I post this. I’ll be doing an interview and Q&A at 7:00 PM EST tonight (August 13th). Tickets are free! Register (and see the full schedule) HERE.

The Outer Dark Symposium (devoted to weeeeiiiiiiiiird fiction) is this weekend. I’ll be part of the Saturday reading slot that starts at 2:00 PM EST. Weekend registration is $25. Get all the details HERE.

And Saturday evening at 8:00 PM EST I’ll be doing a live interview at the Terror Tales group on Facebook. Join the group HERE.



August 4th

If you were unconscious during my Scares That Care reading (with Stephen Kozeniewski) this past Saturday, all is not lost! Check it out below. Ignore the scowl on my face–I had a delightful time.

Scares That Care Virtual Charity Event

Scares That Care, one of my favorite horror conventions, has been cancelled this year. You’re probably not gaping at these words in shock.

But tomorrow, August 1st, they’re having the Scares That Care Virtual Charity Event! A whole day of programming, FREE to attend, but there to raise money for a great cause.

I’m the opening act, so my reading (with Stephen Kozeniewski) will be from 9:15 – 9:50 AM.

Get the complete schedule and all the details HERE.


July 23

I’ve been updating the “Appearances” page on my website by basically going in and crossing out every event that gets cancelled. Now that the entirety of my 2020 in-person appearances have officially gone bye-bye, I’ve reworked that page into a list of my upcoming virtual appearances. Like these:

August 1st. 9:15 AM EST. Scares That Care Virtual Charity Event. My live reading will be the opening act to a full day of readings, panels, and other fun events for a great cause.

August 8th. 8:00 PM EST. Interview at Terror Tales Book GroupA live video interview with me. (You have to join the private group, but you should join it anyway.)

August 14-16. Outer Dark Symposium For The Greater Weird. ($25 registration fee.) I’ll be doing a live reading during one of the three days; day/time to be announced.

August 27th. 8:00 PM EST. The Southern Nightmares Reading Series. A new monthly reading series started by the Horror Writers Association Atlanta chapter. A rotating series of authors, mostly from our chapter but with one non-Atlanta guest star each time.  I’ll be reading from Allison, since that’s the HWA Atlanta Book of the Month for August. (I’ll update this listing with the link when the Facebook event goes live.)

October 16-18. MultiverseThis convention has switched to a virtual format; schedule TBD.

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