Brand New Stuff! Andrew Mayhem Book #3 1/2: SUCKERS!

Hey, kids, my brand new book SUCKERS is now available! It’s a Delirium hardcover pocket-sized novelette, written in collaboration with the mighty J.A. Konrath, and the blurb is right here:


Well, not vampires—Pires. Whack-jobs who think they’re vampires. They’ve inducted an innocent young girl into their cult, and her mother has hired legendary (not in a good way) private investigator Harry McGlade to get her back.

Infiltrating this bloodthirsty cult is too big of a job for just one man, especially when he has the intelligence of half a man. But when he joins forces with the also-less-than-100%-competent Andrew Mayhem, maybe, just maybe, their combined efforts will succeed in thwarting this savage menace. Or perhaps they’ll just embarrass themselves and get killed.

Masters of humor-tainted-horror (or horror-tainted-humor) J.A. Konrath and Jeff Strand team up for the first time in this hilariously gruesome adventure that does not contain a single lame “You suck!” or “That bites!” joke. Suckers. The ultimate Idiots vs. Phony Vampires extravaganza! 

Limited to a scant 300 copies, so dilly-dally not!

4 Responses to “Brand New Stuff! Andrew Mayhem Book #3 1/2: SUCKERS!”

  1. All Purpose Monkey Says:

    So, GMT and the contest chapbook coming this month, and a Mayhem pre-order set for May release…. OUTSTANDING!! The more Mayhem the merrier!! I got my order in!


  2. Karen Says:

    Is this Mayhem going to come out on Ereader too? I hope so. I just finished reading the first three books again. More please!


  3. All Purpose Monkey Says:

    It has arrived and it is beautiful!! 🙂


  4. blood glucose Says:

    I truly enjoyed reading through this write-up.Thanks.


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