The Horror-Mall Three-For-The-Price-Of-Two paperback sale runs through Monday night. How to Rescue a Dead Princess is now out-of-stock, but my other paperbacks are still available. At this price, they only have to be 2/3rds as good as a regular book to make it worth the money, so order now!

Thanks to everybody who voted in my “Jeff as a Blond” poll. Thus far the results are very much in favor of “No, you look like a frickin’ idiot.” I’ve left my own opinion out so as not to sway the votes, and the poll remains open below.

Meanwhile, having returned to the wonderful world of screenwriting with a very short script of my very short story “Really, Really Ferocious,” (if any filmmakers out there are looking for a Dachshund-themed dark comedy, let me know), I’m now a quarter of the way into a feature-length screenplay for Disposal.  It’s moving along pretty darn well so far. Will it continue this way, or will my next update be a primal scream of frustration? Stay tuned!


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