Stupidest Tagline Ever!

So while browsing the new releases section, I noticed a movie called Sharp as Marbles.

Notice the tagline: “Marbles aren’t sharp…and neither are they!”

I understand the whole “We’ve gotta appeal to the lowest common denominator” thing, but is there REALLY a portion of the movie-renting audience that needed the significance of Sharp as Marbles explained to them? Even if they were shaky on the concept that “not sharp” referred to two separate things: a) marbles, and b) the characters in the motion picture, I just have to believe that even your dumbest segment of movie-goers are able to correctly identify marbles as a round (i.e., non-sharp) object.

I’m voting this the Stupidest Tagline Ever. If I’m wrong, please share your own picks in the comments section!

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