Welcome to October!

Hey, kids, it’s everybody’s favorite month! So let’s start the celebration with some short story updates…

Shroud Magazine has accepted my short story “Burden.” It’s a very dark, unpleasant tale about a guy who really, really resents having to take care of his brother after an accident. If you didn’t like my stories “One of Them” or “Glimpses,” you probably won’t like this one, either…but I won’t remind you of the connection when the magazine comes out, so you’ll buy it anyway and then say “Gosh darn it! I didn’t like ‘Burden’ any more than ‘One of Them’ or ‘Glimpses!’ Curse you, Strand!”

Meanwhile, in the polar opposite tone, I’ve seen the nearly-final cover to Monstrous, a collection of giant creature stories which contains my verrrrrrrrry silly oversized-vampire tale “The Big Bite.” The cover freakin’ rocks. I’ll share it when I’m allowed to.
Also meanwhile, Amazon shows Blood Lite with a publication date of October 21st, so “The Bell…FROM HELL!!!” isn’t too far away. Horror Library Volume 3 also has an October publication date, so “The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad” isn’t too far away, either. Cool.
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