Hey, are you gonna be at Necromicon in Tampa this year? You should go. Friday night, October 10th, I’ll be part of the Scary Stories Pajama Party, reading a spooooooky story from 10:00 to 10:30 PM. If you want to hang out until midnight, there will be other spoooooky stories by Lynne Hansen, Richard Lee Byers, and Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc. 

I’ll be reading my story “Gramma’s Corpse” from Waiting For October, which is so scary that the entire audience will have a group accident. “Stop!” the people in the front row will shout. “We cannot handle the bone-chilling terror for a moment longer!” But I’ll just cackle like a mentally disturbed dental assistant and continue reading until the horrific end. Muahahahahaha!!!
Learn all about Necronomicon right here: 

One Response to “Necronomicon!”

  1. fuzzy gamer Says:

    great stuff, why not check out this cthulhu game and try to beat my highest rating


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