Spooky Empire Weekend, Part II

Here’s the belated second part of my Spooky Empire Weekend trip report…

Saturday I didn’t make it back to the Freak Show Film Festival until 3:30, so I missed Alien Raiders, which ended up winning top prize at the festival and which I overheard some people say was really, really good. Bummer. But I saw the short films Cam 2 Cam and The Room. Cam 2 Cam gets bonus points for having a pug puppy in it, and it manages to be fairly suspenseful even though most of the movie is an online chat. The Room is extremely well shot and well scripted, with some neat twists along the way.

Next up was The Curse of Dr. Mongoo,  which is one segment of a planned anthology film. It’s extremely silly, splattery, and entertaining, and contains one of the funniest vomit gags in recent memory. (It’s the timing, not the quantity, that makes it so funny.) If you’re the kind of person who would watch a movie because some guy on a blog said that it contains one of the funniest vomit gags in recent memory, you’ll love this movie.

Then my first feature film of the day, the vampire flick Live Evil. This one also falls into the “extremely silly, splattery, and entertaining” category–a definite crowd pleaser. Like Dr. Mongoo, it doesn’t offer much beyond campy B-movie thrills, but on that level it works very well. Lots of laughs, lots of gore, lots of nudity, and lots of action. It’s also playing tomorrow night at the Halloween Horror Picture Show. 

At this point we took a 180 degree turn from campy splatter to grim terror with Resurrection County, my favorite movie of the weekend and my favorite horror film of the past couple of years. It’s a “campers run afoul of nasty hillbillies” flick, but what it lacks in originality it makes up for by being intense as hell. My stomach was in knots through most of the frickin’ movie. It’s got great acting and likable heroes, and once things turn dark, they turn VERY dark and brutal, even though the film doesn’t go overboard on graphic violence.

There’s one scene in particular, which I won’t spoil, that should have gotten laughs. Nervous laughs, at least. Nope. The audience was dead silent. This is one effective horror movie. I suspect that it won’t get much theatrical play outside of the film festival circuit, but I hope I’m wrong, ‘cuz this one kicks ass.

Part III coming soon…

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