The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad

Horror Library, Volume 3 is now available for your purchasing ecstasy, and it includes my story “The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad,” a tale about letting a smile be your umbrella at the end of the world.
This anthology includes tales by all kinds of cool people, including Bentley Little (or BENTLEY LITTLE!!!), Mike Arnzen, Cullen Bunn, Kealan Patrick Burke, Michael Louis Cavillo, Gary Braunbeck, Matthew Warner, Mark Justice, John Everson, Charles Colyott, Lorne Dixon, Lisa Morton, R.J Cavender, Boyd Harris and gobs of others.
“Wow!” you’re no doubt saying. “That sounds way, way cool! But is there a way to test-drive it, just in case Strand’s story is a piece-o-crap?”
There certainly is! The Cutting Block Press page has a cool feature where you can click on any of the story titles and get a free two-page excerpt. And they offer free shipping for all orders over $10, which is convenient since the book costs more than $10. Check it out, kiddies!

Also, don’t forget that Blood Lite, which includes my story “The Bell…FROM HELL!!!” is currently available at a bookstore near you. Go buy one, and make a big deal over the fact that you’re buying it for my story and not the stories of the people way more famous than me.

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