Twilight & Other Stuff

So I thought I was going to get a reprieve on seeing Twilight…but, alas, my good fortune was all a cruel charade.

Okay, I’m well aware that I’m not a teenage girl and am unqualified to judge the hotness of the male lead, but seriously, Edward the Vampire looks absolutely ridiculous in this movie. One of his initial scenes, when we first see him sitting in science class, is probably the worst moment of acting in 2008. I don’t get the swooning. What’s the deal?

At least he’s not as whiny as I expected. Bella is much whinier. She’s also kinda crappy to her friends.

Twilight is a movie made for people who aren’t really paying attention, most notably a hilariously unnecessary series of flashbacks where even the lowest percentile ranking of the lowest common denominator of the dumbest audience really shouldn’t need a flashback to say “Ahhhh…THAT’S when he demonstrated superhuman strength! All the pieces of the puzzle fit!”

There’s also an amusing bit where the camera flies through the woods like the unseen spirit in The Evil Dead, for no reason at all.

But, hey, this movie wasn’t made for me. You know what movie was? Let the Right One In. That vampire movie frickin’ rocks! I drove about an hour and a half to see it, but in December it’ll be playing at the Tampa Theatre in my hometown, and I’m gonna see it again.

I also drove about an hour and a half to see Repo! The Genetic Opera, which also frickin’ rocks (literally, in many cases) and is also playing at the Tampa Theatre, December 5th through the 9th. I went in knowing that there was a lot of hype, but the audience was more excited than for any film I’ve seen since Serenity.

I’ll babble about both of these way-superior-to-Twilight films later, but if you live in Florida, get thee to the Tampa Theatre to see them. Support the good stuff, kiddies!

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