Strand Babbles

Some of you may fondly remember my “Seriously Whacked Point of View” column from Insidious Reflections magazine. Others of you might remember it, but with more of a sense of apathy, sort of a vague recollection that it might have existed but didn’t really impact your life much either way, much like a soft breeze on a day where the temperature was already adequate.

Well, it has been resurrected in Dark Recesses Press #10 as “Strand Babbles.” In my debut installment, I demonstrate how the best way to respond to a negative review is to get a job writing a column for that very same magazine, so that you can offer up some childish retorts in the same forum in which your work was dissed. (The reviewer in question is a much larger, stronger, more fisticuff-capable man than I, but I’m hoping to have an entourage to protect me the next time our paths cross. Or a pair of nunchaku.)

The issue also features fiction by, non-fiction by, and an interview with Clive Barker, which is obviously way cooler than my column.

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