First Petty Whine of 2009

Bottles of Mountain Dew now say “Mtn Dew.”

I’m not cool with that.

2 Responses to “First Petty Whine of 2009”

  1. Jim Wilsky Says:


    I consider that a minor disgrace. My own personal nightmare as a card carrying, lifetime ‘user’ of Mountain Dew was when the hillbilly with a gun, a hat and a hole blown in that hat went away. We live in sad days. – Btw, I’m a fellow writer in the long awaited, reported missing and now feared dead, ‘Oh Enemy Mine’. Do you know anything? And I do mean Anything, whatever you have is more than me. Enjoyed your website too. Thanks, Jim Wilsky


  2. Rie Sheridan Rose Says:

    We SO totally agree. As one of the largest consumers of Mountain Dew, my husband is mortally offended by the egregious change. He refuses to carry a can outside the confines of the kitchen now. It must hurriedly be decanted into a glass so no one else can see his shame…


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