Signed Pressure, Giant Vampires, & Stoker Season

The paperback edition of Pressure hits bookstores on May 26th, but if you want a SIGNED copy and don’t mind waiting a bit longer for me to scrawl my name all over it, you can pre-order a copy from The Horror Mall right now! It’s only $7.99, so you should get at least three or four.

Monstrous: 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror, edited by Ryan C. Thomas, is now available from Permuted Press. In addition to stories by Steve Alten, James A. Moore, Nate Kenyon, Cody Goodfellow, and John Platt, it contains my giant vampire tale “The Big Bite.”

Meanwhile, Gleefully Macabre Tales has made it onto the preliminary Bram Stoker Awards ballot for Best Collection. Stephen King is also on the preliminary ballot with his collection Just After Sunset. Will this be Pressure vs. Lisey’s Story all over again, or will I fail to make the cut for the next round and never speak of it again? I’m going to be emcee of the awards banquet this year, so if Gleefully Macabre Tales is a Stoker finalist, I could LOSE, and then a minute later have to walk up on stage, tears in my eyes, and introduce the next presenter. I think that would build character.

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