Benjamin’s Parasite Now Up For Pre-Order!

Hey, kids! My latest horror/comedy novel, Benjamin’s Parasite, is now available for pre-order! It’s set to ship in late May, but in late May you’ll probably be busy, so why not reserve your copy today, with no prepayment required? 

You’re probably thinking “Okay, here’s the part where Jeff tells us how it’s a limited edition of 300 copies, and they’re going fast, and if we don’t order RIGHT NOW we’re going to miss out. Well, screw that. I’m a reader, not a collector. I’m not paying fifty bucks for Benjamin’s Parasite, so Jeff can just bite me right in the ankle.” 

Nope! There is indeed a pricey hardcover limited edition of Benjamin’s Parasite, but you can also get an affordable trade paperback edition. For those of you keeping track, it’ll be my first book (excluding the short story chapbooks) since 2004 to be available in softcover. 

You want back cover copy? You want to see the cover? You want to see the TRAILER? Just look to your right for the creepy blue cover, and click away!

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