Le Barf

Trivia: Three of the five Best Picture nominees feature graphic scenes of people throwing up. (The Reader is extra chunky.)

During the puke scene in last night’s episode of Lost, I wondered when regurgitation became okay on prime time TV. Not in an offended “This must stop before our children are ruined!” manner, but simple curiosity. Was there a breakthrough puke moment, in the way that Psycho featured the first time a toilet was flushed on the screen? 

Does anybody know? And do you think that vomiting scenes in movies and television are too prevalent in contemporary society?



One Response to “Le Barf”

  1. Basil Sands Says:


    interesting thesis. Poignant question. Perhaps I will delve into this for my Masters Thesis.

    “Vomitus Prolificus: Barf and the Modern Entertainment Industry”


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