A Controversial Open Letter

I would like to share an open letter to those of you who have not yet pre-ordered my new novel, Benjamin’s Parasite:

February 28, 2009
Tampa, Florida

Dear Sir or Madam:

DEAR GOD, WHY NOT??? What have I done to receive this cruel treatment??? Aren’t we friends anymore? Please, if you buy just this one I’ll never ask for anything else on this blog for as long as it’s updated on a semi-regular basis! Oh, please, I need this so bad…I’m succumbing to tears of sorrow and shame right now…please, please, please, please, please don’t let my career flush down the toilet like a bloated dead goldfish…

Sincerely Yours,
Jeff Strand, Published Author

Tod Clark, the ultimate finder of errors in not-yet-published novels, said “I really think Benjamin’s Parasite is the best book you’ve written to date. I will be talking this up to anyone who will listen; it was one fun-filled, action-packed book.” 

And I didn’t get Tod’s permission to quote him on my blog, so if you order a copy based on that, it will be oooooh so naughty!

If you order before February has ended, you increase my chances of making it onto February bestseller lists, and thus you contribute to my comeuppance when I’m all like “Yeah, baby, I made it onto the February bestseller list! I frickin’ rule!!!” and then somebody says “Yeah, well, February is the shortest month, isn’t it?” and then I’m all humbled and stuff. 

Click the following URL now. Do it. C’mon, do it. It won’t hurt you none. 


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