A Leisure Interview

Since my novel PRESSURE is being published by Leisure Books this summer, it obviously behooves me to say that the Dark Scribe interview with Leisure head honcho Don D’Auria is a very good one. But it is, especially if you’re interested in the current state of horror fiction (and why Leisure books say “Fiction” on the spine instead of “Horror”). 

In fact, to avoid any appearance of self-interest, I FORBID you to read the part near the end where he says which book he’s particularly excited about publishing. Even without that part, it’s an outstanding interview. Check it out.


While you’re at the Dark Scribe website, also check out great interviews with the lovely Julia Sevin and her pet RJ, and the lovely Nate Kenyon.


Mr. Corpse & Pressure on eBay

Though I would never part with any of my copies, somebody else would. The auction ends in a few hours; get ’em while they’re cheap!



PRESSURE (limited edition):


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