Presenting…The Severed Nose!











“When you kill people for a living, you get used to finding the occasional body part lying around your home. I do not kill people for a living, and so I freaked.”

So begins the tale of Josh White, a middle-aged introvert who comes home one evening to find a severed nose on a plate on his dining room table. Who put it there? Why would they do such a thing? Is his own nose in danger? As Josh delves into this perplexing mystery, he finds himself in a dark, twisted world of…well, there won’t be any spoilers here. Don’t you hate it when the back cover description gives away too much? This book is called The Severed Nose, and it starts with a guy finding a severed nose, and if that’s not enticing enough for you then blabbing all of the other plot developments isn’t going to help.

This dark comedy chapbook will be published July 31st by Morning Star (an imprint of the awesome Bloodletting Press) but you’ll want to pre-order your copy NOW to make sure that you don’t miss out on the severed-nosedy goodness. Details on the e-book edition will be forthcoming, so if you want to read it digitally just hang tight for a while, but if you want the print edition you’ve got two choices. 

For the 300-copy limited edition softcover chapbook, click here:

For the gourmet collector, there’s also a 52-copy super-deluxe hardcover edition: 


One Response to “Presenting…The Severed Nose!”

  1. All Purpose Monkey Says:

    I got mine pre-ordered! 🙂


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