To Spite My Face…

Q: Hey, Jeff Strand, is it true that you’re going to cut off your own nose if The Severed Nose doesn’t sell out by April 7th?

A: Yes. And the reason I said April 7th instead of April 1st is because this is no joke, baby!

Q: Your whole nose? Really?

A: Yep!

Q: But wouldn’t that discourage sales?

A: Huh?

Q: It would be kind of cool to see an author cut his nose off as a marketing device. It’s demented, sure, but as human beings we share a morbid curiosity about such things.

A: Hmmm. Okay, change of plan: If The Severed Nose sells out by April 7th, I’ll cut off my nose!

Q: Sweet! Are you going to show the severing live on the internet?

A: I said I’d cut off my nose, not let the world watch me being a total wuss about it.

Q: What are you going to use? A scalpel? Scissors? Razor blade?

A: My fingernails.

Q: Ow.

A: Yeah.

Q: So where can we purchase this awesome little book to encourage your self-mutilation?

A: If you want the glossy paperback version, click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. If you want the hardcover version, click THIS LINK INSTEAD.

Q: Your short story collection, Gleefully Macabre Tales, is up for a Bram Stoker Award this year. Does this mean that everything you write, including The Severed Nose, is brilliant?

A: Yes.

Q: Awesome! I’m off to buy six copies right now! Seeya!

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