New Anthology Guidelines!

Hi, everyone! As promised, here are the official guidelines to my newest editing venture.  I hope you’ll submit!

Title: Benjamin And His Parasite: A Tribute to Jeff Strand’s Benjamin’s Parasite

Editor: Jeff Strand

Publisher: Dweller Books

Publication Date: August 2009

This is a collection of stories and essays paying tribute to the novel Benjamin’s Parasite. Please read the guidelines carefully—many big-name contributors are already lined up for this project, and there are only a limited number of open slots for the general public. We’re accepting submissions immediately and will close on July 31st.

FICTION: We are NOT looking for stories set in the world of Benjamin’s Parasite. We are looking for stories where characters discuss and appreciate Benjamin’s Parasite. This does not have to be the sole content of the story, but at least 35% should be devoted to this subject. Be creative! Stories involving historical figures, famous fictional characters (only those in public domain unless you have a signed statement giving you permission to use copyrighted materials) and sports legends are all welcome. No flash fiction—this does not provide adequate space for the Benjamin’s Parasite praise we seek. 2500 to 8000 words. Query for longer.

NON-FICTION: Essays devoted to positive, respectful discussion of Benjamin’s Parasite. Please do not simply rehash the same tired old message board posts praising the novel. Be creative! Analysis of the myriad themes, personal remembrances of how the book affected your life, and other fondly presented articles about elements of Benjamin’s Parasite. Please, no interviews with fans of the novel—we’re currently overstocked on these. 2500 to 10,000 words. Query for longer.

POETRY: We are not seeking poetry at this time.

PAYMENT: 30 cents a word for original works; 20 cents a word for reprints. Simultaneous submissions okay.

Send in the body of an e-mail (do NOT send attachments—they will be deleted unread!) to Please be professional in your cover letter—this is our introduction to you and your work, and it’s important to make a good first impression. If you have questions that have not been covered by these guidelines, you may send them to the same e-mail address, but please understand that we are not in the question-answering business and it may take a few business days to receive a response.

To understand what we are looking for, your best bet is to order the work in question. Submissions by authors who have clearly not pre-ordered Benjamin’s Parasite will not be considered. Click on the Benjamin’s Parasite cover to your right for ordering details. 

One Response to “New Anthology Guidelines!”

  1. Basil Sands Says:

    Ooh! Oooh! OOOOOOOOHH!!

    I have one…

    It’s a cookbook though.

    “Whatever Happened to Benjamin”

    uh…its about rabbits though….


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