The Insanity Continues!

After I posted “Special Features” for free on my website, a lot of people tried to stage an intervention. “You mustn’t give away such treasures without demanding compensation!” they cried. “What’s next? Will you simply roam the streets, tossing bags of gold left and right? This madness must cease!”

They tied me up for a couple of days, but I chewed through the ropes, killed the guard with my left elbow, and escaped. And now I’ve posted a SECOND free tale from the Stoker-nominated collection Gleefully Macabre Tales. Actually, I didn’t personally post it…it’s up at FearZone, but I authorized it–it’s not like FearZone is scanning in stories from my book without my permission. I visit the site every day, so I’d know. 

Click HERE to read “The Three Little Pigs” at FearZone.
Click HERE to read “Special Features” at my website.

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