SUCKERS E-Book Cheap (Or Free!)

SUCKERS is my collaborative novella with J.A. Konrath. It’s sort of Andrew Mayhem Book 3.5, since it features Andrew Mayhem teaming up with Konrath’s Harry McGlade character. Previously available only in hardcover, it’s now available for your non-collecting convenience as an e-book. 

Got a Kindle? You can get SUCKERS on Amazon for a scant $1.49.

Want a PDF? It’s freeeeeee!

Oh, but this package doesn’t just contain SUCKERS. It also contains three Andrew Mayhem stories: “Poor Career Choice” from the anthology THESE GUNS FOR HIRE, “A Bit of Halloween Mayhem,” and, yes, “The Lost (For A Good Reason) Adventure of Andrew Mayhem,” which until now has only been available as a very limited edition chapbook. Want to know how Andrew and Roger first met? This story tells the tale!

It also contains three Harry McGlade stories: “Whelp Wanted,” “Taken to the Cleaners,” and “The Necro File.” You need to be warned about “The Necro File.” This is the kind of story that an author like J.A. Konrath comes up with when he’s written six novels for a major publisher and suddenly is given the chance to write whatever the hell he wants. Beware.

And it includes an introduction by each of us. 53,000 words of Mayhemy McGladey goodness. 

The way-cheap Kindle edition is available right here:

For a free PDF, just send an e-mail to with “Suckers” in the subject line and I’ll send it on over. I promise that you won’t be subscribed to any mailing lists or anything sinister like that.  



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