A Double Dose o’ Romance

So I’ve been neglecting the blog entries for a while, thanks to back-to-back conferences (Romantic Times and Romancing the Rockies) and having to crank out a super-secret project proposal in between them. I did send out a couple of Twitter messages—for a while I’d thought that site was kinda dumb, but when your brain is functioning at .03% capacity, that 140-character maximum starts to sound pretty good!

Anyway, I’m writing this while sitting in the Denver airport, though it won’t actually go out until I’m safe at home with internet access. If you don’t read this, I didn’t make it, and I encourage you to buy as many of my books as possible to cash in on my posthumous fame. Or I could’ve just lost my laptop, or screwed something up when I was saving this entry as a draft, which is quite a bit less dramatic than going out in an explosion at 30,000 feet…but still, the whole “buy my books” message remains valid.

[UPDATE: I made it home just fine, and with no flight delays. Then I went to Chipotle for dinner, and they didn’t seal my burrito sufficiently, and it fell apart after a couple of bites. But I’d gladly have a thousand burritos collapse if it means less time sitting around in airports.]

This was my first time at the Romancing the Rockies conference, though not my first time with that group—a couple of years ago I was a guest speaker at their monthly meeting. My Adding Comic Relief To Your Fiction presentation was the first official event of the conference, which was awesome, since it meant that by 2:00 Friday afternoon I could stop saying “What if I suck? What if I suck? What if I suck?” and enjoy the rest of the event.

I completely sold out at the booksigning, though this feat was made quite a bit easier by the fact that the books they’d ordered were lost in transit, so I only had the extra books that I’d brought just in case a deranged billionaire movie producer wanted to see a copy. Those were gone at the halfway point, but I remained professional and did not run around and scream “Hahahahaha! I sold out faster than Sherrilyn Kenyon!” I would have, if not for fact that deep inside I truly feel that Sherrilyn Kenyon could beat me up.

Overall it was an outstanding conference, extremely well-run by Kally Jo Surbeck and Michele Chambers.

Backtracking a week, Romantic Times was an absolute blast, and served up plenty of evidence that the romance writers are way more demented than the horror authors. I was on the Writing Romantic Comedy panel with Michele Bardsley, Sahara Kelly, and Dakota Cassidy, where Michele and Dakota fought over who got to hold the long-haired chihuaha that bookseller Deborah Neff had brought. I don’t wish to speak ill of my fellow panelists, but it must be said that Dakota totally hogged that chihuaha. We also talked about romantic comedy stuff.

Not that long ago I wrote a column for Dark Recesses magazine where I talked about how, in the early days of my convention-going experiences, I sat in on as many panels and workshops as I possibly could. These days, I pretty much hang out in the hallway and talk to people. But with Romantic Times and Romancing the Rockies, I went to panels and workshops all day. I even went to a workshop on how to write a hot regency romance, which is probably not the first workshop I would have expected to find myself attending.

More to follow…

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