Get Yer PRESSURE Bookmarks!

Have you ever been reading a book, and you suddenly realize that you aren’t going to be able to read the entire thing in one sitting, and thus you’re forced to tear out the last page so that you can find your place again? Well, no longer! I’ve invented this amazing new contraption called a “book-marking device,” which is a strip of sturdy paper that you insert BETWEEN the pages where you stopped reading, enabling you to easily and efficiently locate your place in the book and resume the reading process. No more ripped out pages! No more library fines! No more destroyed friendships! 

Oooooh, but it’s even better! These book-marking devices are specially designed to promote the upcoming mass market release of Pressure. How cool is that? Not only will you never lose your place in a book again, but these devices will serve as a handy reminder of a really cool novel you should buy from your local bookstore on May 26th. 

As my promo efforts grow more and more desperate, I’m not going to do anything like ask you to buy extra copies ofPressure to leave at bus stops and stuff, mostly because I’ve made fun of that technique on my website and don’t want to be a hypocrite loser. But if you’d like a batch of FREE bookmarks to leave at your local bookstore, library, zoo, house of ill repute, etc. I will declare that you ROCK!!! 

(Also, you’ll get a bunch of postcards, although I prefer to think of them as mini-mini-mini Pressure posters.)

Q: What if I want a really cool Pressure bookmark, but I don’t want a bunch of extras to leave someplace?

A: Then no bookmark for you, slacker!

Q: I’m totally in! How do I get ’em?

A: Send your name and mailing address to with “PRESSURE” in the subject line. 

Q: What if I’m a crazed fan and I want to give promo items out to everybody I know, and I want to hand them out at my writers’ group and my PTA meetings and at every bookstore within a 75-mile drive from my home? Can I have extras?

A: Hell yeah. If you’re a wild Pressure animal and want more than, say, 25-50, just let me know how many you want. 

Thanks, everyone! Only 18 days remain!

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