Probably Something About PRESSURE…

So today I just happened to walk outside about fifteen seconds before the Atlantis Space Shuttle launched, and the sky was clear enough to get an outstanding view. Sweet!

Giant-sized “Thanks!” to everybody who offered to drop off PRESSURE bookmarks and postcards at their local bookstore, library, friends’ home, sewage treatment facility, or Piggly Wiggly. I got way more offers than I expected–you guys are awesome! I’m gonna pack ’em up, throw in a couple of extra little treats, and try to get them all mailed before the SURVIVOR finale. (I measure time in episodes of SURVIVOR.)

Supplies of these are NOT limited (well, they technically are, but let’s just say that the price difference between ordering in “large” quantities and “ridiculous” quantities was negligible) so if you’re willing to dump a batch of them off somewhere, e-mail me your name and address at Yes, you can keep some for yourself. 

And as a friendly reminder, if you’ve read the hardcover edition and want to have your thoughts become part of the official PRESSURE record, something that thousands of readers will see, something that could change your entire life, something that could redefine the role of the critic in today’s society, here again are four quick links. Pick one! Pick all! Pick three! The power is yours!


Barnes & Noble:


The Horror Mall:

Of course, these links can also be used to pre-order the book, but it would be tacky to ask you to pass out bookmarks and leave reviews and ALSO try to encourage you to buy a copy. I’ll save that for closer to the release.

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