I’m in Cemetery Dance!

Hey, how’s this for timing? The new issue of Cemetery Dance (#60) is now available, and it contains an interview with me conducted by the lovely and talented Steve Vernon, as well as my short story “My Knife Collection.” The interview was done a couple of years ago, but I got to revise my answers not too long ago, so it’s all accurate, except that my next book for Leisure is no longer something called BLISTER, it’s called…well, I’ll save that for a couple of other interviews I’ll be linking to in the next week or so.

There’ve been plenty of reports of people receiving PRESSURE and/or BENJAMIN’S PARASITE in the mail this week. Only 10 days left until PRESSURE shows up in bookstores, but now you’ve got Cemetery Dance to take the edge off your ferocious drooling hunger.

NOTE: The very first page of PRESSURE has a teaser for a later scene in the book. If you’re an undecided consumer and you’re going to make me =prove= that this book is worth your $7.99 + applicable sales tax, then read it. If you’re going to buy the book anyway, or read it in the store, or mug somebody who just bought a copy, then don’t read the teaser because otherwise you’ll know that there’s a part where the hero is in a [spoiler deleted] with a [spoiler deleted] and has to [spoiler deleted].

Green Day & Me

So yesterday the new Green Day album, 21st Century Breakdown, came out. It’s their first new album in five years, since American Idiot

Of course, it’s not REALLY their first new album in five years, since most Green Day fans know that last year they put out a CD and did a 12-city tour in small venues as The Foxboro Hot Tubs. In the spirit of celebrating their new album and offering up a good old-fashioned “Nyahh nyahh!” I’d like to point out that if you go to the official Foxboro Hot Tubs site, you’ll see a picture where I’m maybe two feet from Billie Joe Armstrong (who poured beer on me and grabbed me by the back of the head during the course of the show).

I’m right above Lynne Hansen, the chick in the light blue shirt.


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