Another Interview! Another Review!

So did you hear the Metal Crypt interview? My warning that it wasn’t for classy people was accurate. The interview was live, but they’ll be archiving it soon, so you won’t miss out on any of the talk about stuff that I can’t discuss on a dignified blog such as this.

On Saturday I’ll be recording a podcast interview for Dread Media. If I don’t mention it again, that means I totally screwed up and babbled like a drunken pug. Otherwise, I’ll share the link early next week. 

After reading the FearZone interview, you probably said “Well, I guess that’s all I need to know about Jeff!” You were WRONG! Rhonda Wilson at Monster Librarian has posted an interview with me as well as a review of BENJAMIN’S PARASITE, which you can check out right here:

Click the links! Find out what my favorite podcasts are and whether or not BENJAMIN’S PARASITE is any good!

Fear Zone n’ Dread Central!

Gregory Lamberson of FearZone has just posted a brand-new interview with me! Learn how involved I was in the PRESSURE cover design, the process of preparing to be Stokers emcee, and lots of other stuff!


And Dread Central has re-posted their five-stars-out-of-five (okay, five bloody daggers out of five) review of PRESSURE, snazzed up for the paperback edition. Check it out here:

Coming tonight, another interview and another review!

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