It’s Been Sighted!

Stay calm–this could be a hoax like the Loch Ness Monster film. But though the official on-sale date remains May 26th, a trustworthy source claims to have already seen copies of PRESSURE on the shelves of his local Borders store. One of the aforementioned copies was even purchased by said source. 

I’ve been unable to replicate this extraordinary occurrence here in Tampa, but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet with success of your own! Therefore, if you happen to be going to the bookstore anyway, I encourage you to take a few extra moments to research whether or not the phenomena of PRESSURE on shelves exists in your hometown. If your attitude is “It had damn better be there or I’m taking a human life!” then I encourage you to remain home until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Tampa, near Tampa, or have a way to get to Tampa, the official book launch event is on May 30th at Barnes & Noble Carrollwood at 7:00 PM. C’mon over and say “Hi.” You can even PRETEND that you’re going to buy a signed copy, flip through the pages, roll your eyes, and set it back down on the stack, just to mess with me!

Information on this and the other summer appearances is right HERE.

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