A Reminder and a New Interview!

Well, PRESSURE has been on bookstore shelves for a few days, which means that we’re finally creeping up on the time when I’ll quit posting about it every damn day. 

Until then…remember, if you’re going to be in Tampa Saturday night, and you think you might be looking for something to do, and you decide that maybe you want to hang out with an author, and you think “Maybe that author should be a guy who wrote a book about a really messed-up friendship with a psycho,” then come on out to the PRESSURE launch party!

Free Dove chocolates! Coupons for free popcorn at the Tampa Theatre (which is playing BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID on Sunday)! The chance to have me write something dumb in your book! The chance to ask me for directions to the lavatory! It’s not my habit to judge the mental state of readers of this blog, but you’d have to be insane to miss this!

Barnes & Noble Carrollwood
Saturday, May 30
7:00 PM to…I dunno, whenever people quit showing up or they kick me out.
11802 N. Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, Florida 33618
(813) 962-6446

And, hey, there’s an interview with me at Examiner.com, conducted by Julianne Draper! Check it out! 


One Response to “A Reminder and a New Interview!”

  1. Julianne Says:

    Thanks for the plug, Jeff, and the interview! 🙂 And again, I wish you lots of good luck with the book.


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