Those Norwegians Know Their Slashers!

So I’m not sure if I’m a slasher movie fan anymore or not. I like to think I am, but I recently saw a preview for a horror movie called SORORITY ROW, and I thought “Hey, this looks pretty good!”, and then suddenly it revealed itself as a slasher flick and I thought “Aw, man,” and was bummed. Maybe I’m just not into shameless rip-offs of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. 

Now I have to google SORORITY ROW, because it’s probably a remake of some 80’s slasher movie and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER is the shameless rip-off…

Wow. Remake of HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. Never saw that one. Good thing I checked or I would’ve looked like quite the ignoramus. What kind of sad world do we live in where I feel the need to google a new movie to make sure it’s not a remake before declaring it a rip-off?

Anyway, the actual point of this blog is that last night I saw COLD PREY, a subtitled Norwegian slasher flick, and loved it. If you like slasher films, this one absolutely rocks. If you don’t like slasher films, it’s subtitled, so you can feel all cultural and stuff while you watch it. It’s extremely well-shot, suspenseful, scary, and it’s a film where you root for the characters to survive, not get killed. (Subversive stuff!)

On a five-star scale, where I’m comparing it to other slasher films and not, say, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, I give COLD PREY five stars out of five.

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