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For those of you who’ve asked, my next “serious” novel is called DWELLER, coming March 2010 from Leisure Books. I got a sneak peek at the cover art today, and it’s perfect. Way better than what I asked for, which I guess is why I’m an author and not a cover artist. 

I found out that my novella KUTTER has been moved up two months, from February 2010 to December 2009. The book should go up for pre-order fairly soon, and the day before that happens I’ll post a blog about the process of writing it. At this very moment I’m waiting for a glimpse at the first piece of interior artwork…it could show up in my e-mail any second now…the suspense is unbearable…

Meanwhile, the interior illustrations for THE SEVERED NOSE are weird and wonderful things, drawn by Melanie McVey. This one’s set to ship in the next two to three weeks, so if you didn’t order it before because it was months and months away, now’s the time to reserve your copy! 

When I finish a piece of writing, whether it’s 500-word flash fiction or a 75,000-word novel, my response is “Yeah! I’m done! Huzzah!!! Woo-hoo-hoo!!! I’m doooooone!!! Cha-cha-cha!!!” THE SEVERED NOSE is the only thing I’ve ever written where I was kind of sad when it was over. It’s easily the most fun I’ve had with a project for at least the past few years. The tone is sort of like a dry-humored, extremely dark piece of sketch comedy, with characters who are extremely polite in the face of ghastly events. 

I’ve shared the opening bit here before, but it’s been a while, so…

“When you kill people for a living, you get used to finding the occasional body part lying around your home. I do not kill people for a living, and so I freaked.”

Pre-ordering links are conveniently located here (paperback numbered edition)…


And here (hardcover lettered edition)…


Tell the economy to suck it! Order your copy today!

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