Poll Time!

Okay, this poll is only aimed at those whackos who have bought stuff like the hardcover limited editions of DISPOSAL, THE SINISTER MR. CORPSE, GLEEFULLY MACABRE TALES, THE HAUNTED FOREST TOUR, or my various other pricey books and would consider buying them again. 

Let’s say I’ve got another one of those high-end hardcover limited editions coming out. Tiny little print run. No current plans for a paperback edition, but I’m toying with the idea of an e-book edition.

Thanks! And please feel free to add any comments, if you’ve got more to say about the subject!

3 Responses to “Poll Time!”

  1. sdkdmd Says:

    I’d buy the limited. I’m a collector. I can’t say I own something if I can’t touch it, hold it, feel it, smell it.

    And I’m not too keen on e-books coming out before the HC. I think a cheaper version should come out later, like paperbacks.


  2. chris Says:

    I’d buy both…I end up preordering everything by Jeff and would love to get a copy for my sony ereader before


  3. gguthrie Says:

    I would get the hardcover only, as I am a collector (and I’ve bought everything in your list). But I do see a lot of other people trying out your work if they were able to get an affordable ebook edition. I would never consider not buying the expensive limited because there was an optional ebook version. I like books, and will pay the extra for it. I say go for it!


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