Bitter, Talentless, Mean People

As authors, we never really want to get bad reviews, but I couldn’t help but be entertained by this Amazon review for my novel OUT OF WHACK:

“mean..not funny

this isnt funny. its just sarcastic stupid and disgusting. Author is clearly a bitter person with no talent.”

If she thinks OUT OF WHACK is sarcastic stupid and disgusting, I can barely imagine what would happen if she read something like DISPOSAL. I suspect that her brain would explode and pour out of her ears. (Requiring a minor Q-tip dab to clean up—HA! I’m mean and bitter!) 

One Response to “Bitter, Talentless, Mean People”

  1. David Audet Says:

    Dear bitter (and untalented!) Jeff,
    Would you share said talent with us at Deep Carnivale (again!) this Sept 12 on the HCC mainstage? Good sound and light to illuminate your, uh, disgusting work.



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