The motion picture BRAINJACKED, directed by Andrew Allan and produced by Andy Lalino, makes its glorious premiere tonight, Saturday August 1st, in Clearwater, Florida, at the Clearwater Cinema Cafe. It starts at 11:00 PM, admission is $5, and it includes free popcorn, which is kind of a scam because based on the trailer the movie is a non-stop festival of gore and you’ll be too queasy to eat any popcorn, so they’ll just give it to the next audience. 

My amazing role as the Drunken Vagrant Who’s Lying Unconscious On Some Stairs As The Camera Moves By didn’t make the final cut, no doubt because the lead actors complained that my stellar acting (I don’t wish to brag, but I had my eyes closed and everything) was sucking away the viewer’s attention. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything, or do anything, or even be on-screen for more than a third of a second to steal a movie. I think they made the right decision. You don’t want viewers still thinking about the unconscious drunken vagrant sixteen scenes later.

Anyway, it’s tonight. For more information, visit You can also view the trailer (which is work-safe…if you work in HELL!!!) and other stuff. I’m totally there.

Also, my set report (back before they called it BRAINJACKED) is here:

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