I Need This Like A Hole In The Head…

I went to the BRAINJACKED premiere last night, which played to an enthusiastic, packed house. They even had to bring in extra seats. I’m not a big fan of the “cinema cafe” experience, but I have to admit that the cream cheese-filled jalapeno poppers were pretty good. 

The movie itself is a lot of fun. If you object to scenes of large metal drills twirling into people’s foreheads, I’m going to politely suggest that this is not a motion picture that you will fully enjoy, and that perhaps you should seek other entertainment options. It’s okay. You won’t hurt anybody’s feelings. The filmmakers are considerate individuals and threw in a sequence before the title even appears that will give you a pretty good indicator of whether or not you’re the appropriate BRAINJACKED audience. 

There’s plenty of action, gore, nekkidness…and one doozy of a shock ending. Not a “Goodness gracious, he was a ghost all along!” type of twist that forces you to reevaluate everything that’s come before–just a completely unexpected, jaw-dropping moment that (within the context of a movie where people willingly have holes drilled into their skulls) makes perfect sense. Loved it!

I don’t know what the release plans are for BRAINJACKED, but keep your eyes open and your brain exposed..

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