Writers Workshop of Horror

When you think of people you’d want to take writing advice from, I probably rank somewhere between “That drunken guy urinating in his own coffee mug” and “Nobody–I’ll destroy my career on my own, thank you very much.” Nevertheless, the new book WRITERS WORKSHOP OF HORROR contains an essay by me on “Adding Humor To Your Horror.” 

You know who else is in this book? Joe R. Lansdale. F. Paul Wilson. Ramsey Campbell. Thomas F. Monteleone. Deborah LeBlanc. Gary A. Braunbeck. Brian Keene. Elizabeth Massie. Tom Piccirilli. Jonathan Maberry. Tim Waggoner. Mort Castle. G. Cameron Fuller. Rick Hautala. Scott Nicholson. Michael A. Arnzen. J.F. Gonzalez. Michael Laimo. Lucy A. Snyder. Lisa Morton. Jack Haringa. Gary Frank. Jason Sizemore. Robert N. Lee. Tim Deal. Brian Yount. Michael Knost. And there’s an interview with Clive Barker. I know, I know, you’re spazzing out right there in your chair as you read this.

Fangoria magazine, the issue with Megan Fox as a vampire on the cover,  calls the book “truly inspiring” and says that it packs “more knowledge and sound advice than four years’ worth of college courses.” 

And, holy crap, my “Adding Humor To Your Horror” is mentioned as one of three standout essays. Sweeeeet!

For lots more information and my own special royalties-boosting ordering link, visit:


Also, THE SEVERED NOSE is in the mail. Is it on its way to YOU???

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