Weekend of Non-Accomplishment

Having turned in my novel DWELLER to Leisure last week, I decided to spend all of Labor Day weekend goofing off. 

FRIDAY: Did a movie marathon: DISTRICT 9, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, THE FINAL DESTINATION 3-D, and ORPHAN. (Yes, I paid for all four of them–I’m too old to deal with the shame of being caught by an usher and kicked out of the theatre.) 

I looooooooooved DISTRICT 9. My favorite movie this year. Granted, I missed most of the movies that have played this year, but I did see STAR TREK, and I liked DISTRICT 9 even more.

I also really liked INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, although those endless dialogue scenes border on self-parody (though not to the level of something like DEATH PROOF). 

Regarding THE FINAL DESTINATION, I realize that complaining that a third sequel to a slasher flick is “derivative” seems kind of silly, but when your movie is so derivative that I walk out of the fourth movie in a slasher series thinking “Jeez, that was derivative,” you’ve got problems. 

ORPHAN was a solid, creepy flick. Wait a minute…it wasn’t a remake or a sequel, and it was GOOD, and it made money at the box office? How the hell did that happen???

SATURDAY: The plan was to continue the movie marathon, but I stayed home and read most of the day instead. How lazy do you have to be not even work up the energy to go to the movies? And why the hell haven’t I been reading Chuck Palahniuk all this time? Started the third season of DEXTER.

SUNDAY: Finished up DEXTER. Great stuff. The season just sorta wound down instead of building to a big finale, but it was vastly superior to the “We waited 12 episodes for THAT?” finale of Season Two. 

TODAY: My office is a complete disaster. Guess I’ve got some cleaning to do…

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