Deep Carnivale!

I’ve updated my list of appearances for the next couple of months, which includes two more Florida signings for PRESSURE, the Spooky Empire Weekend, and Necronomicon. And, this Saturday, September 12, I’ll be at Deep Carnivale: A Celebration of Words in Tampa. 

It’s a completely free event with lots of writers (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry) and musicians on multiple stages. I’ll be on the main stage at 3:00 PM, doing a reading from DWELLER. The first-ever reading from DWELLER! If DWELLER, which will be at a bookstore near you April 2010, goes on to become such a gargantuan bestseller that Dan Brown is all like “Alas! Oh, how desperately I wish that I had written DWELLER instead of THE DA VINCI CODE! I feel so forlorn and sorrowful!” you can say “Dude! I heard him do the very first reading from it! (Not necessarily to Dan Brown, although if you’re tight with him go right ahead.)

There are also some workshops, including Sally Bosco teaching you how to write Twitter flash fiction. She may also be reading some smut. Or not. She’s reading something. I’ll get back to you on the smut level.

Check it out at

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