My October Schedule…

Here’s where you loonies can find me during October.

OCTOBER 3: Borders Express  (Seminole Town Center). Sanford, Florida. I’ll be signing PRESSURE from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. Come on out and say “Dammit, Strand, if I wanted to buy PRESSURE I would’ve done it by now! Stop being so desperate!” 296 Towne Center Circle. Sanford, Florida 32771.  


OCTOBER 9-11: Spooky Empire Weekend. Orlando, Florida. I’ll be on the following panels: 

“Evolution of the Vampire” (Friday 6:00 PM) 

“Critters: Creatures with Attitude and Teeth” (Saturday 11:00 AM) 

“Bad Guy Fan Club” (Saturday 9:00 PM)

“Choosing Your Monsters” (Sunday 3:00 PM)

Plus not one, not three, but TWO signings! Saturday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM.

And, Sunday at 3:30 PM, there’ll be the world premiere of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ new film THE UH-OH SHOW, featuring an astoundingly brilliant performance by me as The Sound Engineer Guy Who Gets Killed. (Or, my embarrassingly crappy performance. YOU be the judge!) I’ll be late to the movie because of that 3:00 PM panel, so save me a seat.


OCTOBER 23-25: Necronomicon. The 28th year of this science fiction, fantasy, and horror convention in Tampa, Florida! I’ll be on the following panels:

“Working With Small Presses” (Friday 4:00 PM)

“You Don’t Have To Be Screwed Up To Be A Writer…But It Helps” (Saturday 10:00 PM)


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