Gleefully Macabre Tales in Paperback!

Oooooooh, spooky!

My almost-Stoker-winning short story collection, Gleefully Macabre Tales, is now available in trade paperback from Dark Regions Press! (Okay, it’s now available for pre-order…the book will ship in the next few weeks; mid-December at the latest.) 

And as a special bonus, this new edition includes my novella Disposal, never before available in paperback! 

Check it out right here, kiddies!


Strand Babbles Again

Though the print edition has perished, Dark Recesses magazine is back with its 11th issue, now for free online! This contains the second installment of my “Strand Babbles” column, wherein I geek out over PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and say rude things about Rob Zombie.

Halloween Creature Features

Though Halloween 2009 is over, you can see one of my favorite memories from a past Halloween right here:

This year on the 30th, my wife and I went to the Tampa Theatre with author Terri Garey and her husband Bob, and author Michael Joy, to see a double feature of THE MUMMY (1932) and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. THE MUMMY surprised me, because I’d only seen it as a kid and I remembered it being spectacularly boring, but I think that’s because I wanted to see the bandage-covered shambling monster, not Pharaoh Karloff, and the wrapped mummy is only in it for one brief scene at the beginning. But it’s actually a pretty darn good movie!

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN proves that, no matter how bad things get, you can solve all of life’s problems by blowing up a dam. Sure, I already knew that, but it’s good to see this theory reinforced in motion picture form. 

On Halloween night, I put THE EVIL DEAD on just as background noise, but ended up sitting there and watching it. This is why I don’t put movies on as background noise. Once the surprisingly small wave of trick-or-treaters stopped (leaving me with about 15,219 packs of Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish) I watched PONTYPOOL, a sort-of zombie movie about a DJ trapped at the radio station while the outside world goes nutzo.

There’s a lot that I liked in PONTYPOOL. However, once they explain what’s going on…I dunno, I appreciated the originality of the concept, but it was a bit too weird for me. Oh, trust me, I’m all in favor of weird, but…well, I’m not going to give it away. I’ll give PONTYPOOL a big thumbs-up as an effective movie that gives us something different, and if nothing else it will help restore some of the brain cells you lost if you saw TRANSFORMERS 2.

And then I watched REC, which I guess is technically called [REC]. It’s the original Spanish movie that was remade as QUARANTINE. The big difference is that in [REC] you can tell what’s going on, whereas QUARANTINE loves its shaky-cam, and thus [REC] is far scarier and more intense. I wish I’d seen it first. 

So…Halloween is over. All of my personal appearances for 2009 are over. Back to writing…

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