Terri Garey Is Evil And Must Be Stopped!

Terri Garey, author of Dead Girls Are Easy, A Match Made in Hell, and You’re the One That I Haunt, seems like a nice person at first glance, if it’s a quick glance.

But she knows I have an addiction. She knows that though it’s been a difficult road, I’ve gotten it under control over the past few years. And what does she do? She sends me a link to a site FILLED with cool computer games! I immediately downloaded one called Campfire Legends: The Hookman and POOF! There goes an hour of valuable writing time.

What’s the matter, Ms. Garey? Trying to eliminate the competition? Worried that I might muscle into your territory? Preying on the weakness of others is a dirty trick, and it probably won’t work! 

Everybody reading this is strongly discouraged from visiting her website and also from purchasing her books, including Silent Night, Haunted Night, which just hit stores last week. Evil must not win!!!



One Response to “Terri Garey Is Evil And Must Be Stopped!”

  1. Terri Garey Says:


    Yes, Jeff, one casually asked question over Teriyaki Salmon exposed the soft, white underbelly of your addiction! I knew I must move, and move quickly, to keep your imagination distracted as I move toward the goal of NYT best-seller stardom!!

    Won’t work? Ha! I laugh in your face! Don’t try to tell me you only wasted an HOUR of writing time – I’ve heard (and given) that excuse many times! I haven’t even sent you the most evil of links… I’ll wait until your deadline is looming and your nerves are on a razor-thin edge, and then dangle it gently in front of you, like ripe fruit before a starving man…

    “Come into my parlor,” said the spider to the fly… and there will be no walkthrough!


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