I’m #5! I’m #5! And I’m #6! I’m #6!

The Horror Mall has announced its bestseller list for October, and to my surprise, The Severed Nose and Benjamin’s Parasite have popped back into the In-Stock Top Ten, at #5 and #6, respectively. Clearly, these are the best two spots to have, because they lack the stress and heightened career expectations that come from being #1, #2, #3, and/or #4, yet you can still shout “LOSER!!!” at the people in spots #7, #8, #9, and/0r #10. 

I assume that The Severed Nose returned to the list thanks to Adrienne Jones‘ lovey-dovey blog review of it, which you can read here. Or maybe it was the picture of her with the book, which you can see here. (They’re actually both the same link. But the link on Adrienne’s name is a different link. Click two of the three.)

In case it WAS the picture, I invite all of you to send pictures of yourself and/or your pets with The Severed Nose, or Benjamin’s Parasite, or any of my books, and I’ll post them here in an attempt to shamelessly exploit your good looks for my own personal gain. I’m not sure what you get out of the deal. Fame? Eternal association with demented literature? Maybe a link to your website, if you have one.

Either way, send the pics to GleefullyMacabre@gmail.com.

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