Desperate Souls

So I’ve finally finished reading Greg Lamberson’s fourth novel Desperate Souls. I say “finally” because I’m overwhelmingly, embarrassingly behind on reading my friends’ manuscripts and it took me forever to get to it…but the book itself won’t be published until October 2010, so technically, I’m way ahead of schedule. In fact, I’m something of an inspiration. The rest of you are SLACKERS!

Anyway, here’s the deal: When Greg’s third novel, The Frenzy Way, is published in June 2010, it will be his best novel. Then when Desperate Souls comes out, THAT will be his best novel. I assume that with novel #5 he’ll lose his way and deliver a sub-par work, but then he’ll come back with a vengeance for novel #6, and then just when you think he couldn’t write anything better than novel #6 he’ll write novel #7, which makes novels # 1-6 look like mildewy crap, and then novel #8 will come out and people will be all “WTF? How did the genius who wrote novel #7 sink to such depths?” but then novel #9 will be his “return to his roots” novel, after which the bodies will be discovered and Greg’s career will rise to astronomical heights but he won’t be allowed to profit from it from his prison cell.

Desperate Souls is the second book in the Jake Helman Files, a series that began with the excellent Personal Demons, which has just been reprinted in a handy mass market paperback edition by Medallion Press, and which is lurking at your local bookstore at this very moment. Go buy one. It looks like this:

Pretty freaky, huh? Personal Demons is an outstanding, ambitious book, and you’ll get more out of Desperate Souls if you’ve read this one first. But Desperate Souls is even better. Greg knows how to write an action sequence, and this book has lots of ’em. It’s got colorful, memorable characters, and one truly great “Whoa! I can’t believe he did that!” moment that I won’t even hint at here, except that I e-mailed Greg and said “Whoa! I can’t believe you did that!” Let’s just say that while it’s the second book in what will be an ongoing series, it doesn’t play safe.

“But wait!” you may be saying. “Isn’t Greg Lamberson your friend? It says so right in the first paragraph! What kind of scam are you trying to pull here?” 

Yes. But I’m only friends with GOOD writers. The others get their asses kicked right the hell out of my social circle. If your books aren’t at least three-and-a-half stars out of five in my rating system, then screw you! 

Actually, we became buddies because a) I had really enjoyed his movie Slime City back in the 80’s when it first came out on VHS, and b) after I met him person at the 2005 World Horror Convention I traded him a copy of Mandibles for a copy of Personal Demons and e-mailed him to say “Whoa, dude! Personal Demons rocks!” So it’s a friendship born from the sheer coolness of the book to your left. 

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