Potentially Disturbing Gum-Related Post

So for Halloween, I wrote a guest blog at The League of Reluctant Adults, talking about my favorite Halloween costumes. One of them was a skull mask (actually, the skull mask from the movie Halloween III: Season of the Witch, although I didn’t know it at the time). I still have this mask, proudly displayed on my top shelf, over a full-sized plastic Spider-Man head that I got for Christmas…I dunno, 10 years ago? The Spider-Man head was filled with Bazooka Joe gum.

Of course, by “was” I mean “is.” The gum is still in there!

I know little about the decomposition process of gum. It might be liquified and brown and ant-laden. It might be all shriveled up. Or it might be just as soft and juicy as the day it was…no, wait, this is Bazooka Joe gum. It might be just as hard and chew-resistant as the day it was made. I wonder if the hilarity of the comics has aged well?

I’m scared to open it. Do you DARE me to???


2 Responses to “Potentially Disturbing Gum-Related Post”

  1. Erik Smith Says:

    Oh, I dare you. But you should wait until you have a few more books finished, just in case.
    I mean, I’m concerned about your health. Yeah, that’s it, you health.


  2. Richard Says:

    I do so dare you!


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