It’s the Holiday Season!

So I have helpfully compiled a list of books that make great gifts for your friends, loved ones, and co-workers!

  • Gleefully Macabre Tales by Jeff Strand
  • Benjamin’s Parasite by Jeff Strand
  • The Severed Nose by Jeff Strand
  • Pressure by Jeff Strand
  • The Sinister Mr. Corpse by Jeff Strand
  • Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) by Jeff Strand
  • Single White Psychopath Seeks Same by Jeff Strand
  • Casket For Sale (Only Used Once) by Jeff Strand
  • Mandibles by Jeff Strand
  • The Haunted Forest Tour by Jeff Strand and James A. Moore
  • Out of Whack by Jeff Strand
  • How to Rescue a Dead Princess by Jeff Strand
  • Elrod McBugle on the Loose by Jeff Strand
  • Kutter by Jeff Strand (which is sold-out…but it’s the thought that counts!) 

Wow! All of your holiday shopping needs are taken care of with one website update! My generosity is unmatched!

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