More Dubble Bubble Hilarity!

Let’s check out a few more of these uproariously funny Dubble Bubble gum cartoons, shall we?

Crap. This first one is misprinted and half of the cartoon is cut off. Is there no quality control at Fleer? But it seems to be a kid at a diner pointing to a bunch of flies saying “I don’t like these flies,” and the cook says “Come back tomorrow. We’ll have new flies.” Because the kid meant that he didn’t like seeing flies in a dining establishment, but the cook thought he was complaining about those specific flies. 

That cartoon leaves me wanting more. What did the kid say in response? Was he so amused that it distracted him from the health code violation, or did it send him into a fit of pure rage? 

Next one…dammit, this one is half cut-off, too! But using context clues I can determine that it says “Have you lived here all your life?” and the punchline is “No, I’m not through living yet.” I’m not sure if our hero is talking to an old man or what. This one would be funnier if the guy was a zombie and he was all like “Yes, I DID live here my entire life!” and then some light brain-eating was involved.

Finally, we get one that’s printed correctly: A kid is watching TV, and some other kid says “You’ll get a better picture if you put rabbit ears on your set!” The punchline is the kid watching TV, and now there’s a rabbit on the set. The rabbit has a question mark next to its head. Y’know, I remember these bubble gum comics being lame, but I don’t remember them descending into quite this level of lameness. At the very least, it should’ve been the rabbit ears without the rest of the rabbit! That would’ve at least been slightly macabre. I think I can only take two more of these…

Hey! It’s another one starring Pud! Pud is looking at a monkey in a cage. The next panel has the monkey walking away, and Pud is locked in the cage going “Help!” WTF? That’s not even a joke! Even by the low standards of the rabbit ears on the TV set, how did this one pass the pitch sessions in the writers’ room? “So, Pud is looking at this monkey in a cage, and then suddenly Pud is locked in the cage instead of the monkey!” C’mon, people! 

Last one for today: No, wait, this one is cut-off so much that none of the words are there. That was probably an actual funny one, too. One more…

Nope, this one’s cut-off, too. The scene takes place in a coat shop, and the clerk is asking “How long?” but I can’t see anything else. These suck.

Okay, so this one is not only cut-off beyond readability, but it’s the rabbit comic again! Now I’m just getting pissed. 

Son of a bitch! Do I need to file a class-action lawsuit here? Okay, here’s what we’ve got: “–brother –ved a —cker.” “How is he?” “–n’t heard —ing yet.” I think it’s obvious that the punchline is “We haven’t heard anything yet,” and the word “heard” is key. “My brother saved a –cker.” Hmmmm. That sounds kind of dirty. What could his brother have saved that would make noise?

No idea.

Has this Dubble Bubble cartoon defeated me? Suggestions, anyone?  




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