Sideshow Exhibits

Sideshow Press just announced a new book called Sideshow Exhibits, with novellas by Michael McBride, Gene O’Neill, and Gord Rollo. All three tales are based on the following piece of artwork by Tom Moran:

I read the Michael McBride novella (“Brood XIX”) back in August, and it’s an outstanding story. For those of you keeping track, this is one of McBride’s “quiet” tales, as opposed to novels like The Infected where he shreds 85 people per chapter. It’s an emotionally charged piece about a woman coping with the murder of her husband and the disappearance of her young daughter…which means that if I make fun of it like I do everything else on this site, you’ll think “Wow, Strand’s a jerk.” So I won’t. 

Though I haven’t read Gene O’Neill or Gord Rollo’s contributions yet, I’ve read much of their previous work and it’s excellent. I offer no guarantee that they didn’t get thoroughly liquored up, scream “Wooo-hooo! I’m gonna type me one of them word-book things!” and write these novellas via a process of randomly slapping at keys and giggling, but I’m pretty confident that they’re high quality tales.

This book is available for pre-order for only 60 days, so if it took you 61 days to read this, you’re screwed. If you’re reading this in a timely fashion, then check it out RIGHT HERE




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