The Search Continues…

…for one of these Dubble Bubble cartoons that doesn’t suck. I’ve wasted much rock-solid gum in the search, but eventually there’s got to be one with SOME mild humor value, right? Let’s do another five…

Another cut-off one. Doesn’t count.

Another cut-off one. Doesn’t count.

Okay: “Sue, is Pud home from school yet? Look at the hat rack.” In the second panel, Sue is looking at the hat rack, and there’s a dunce cap on it! “Yes, he’s home!” she reports. Why would Pud wear his dunce cap home and hang it on a rack? I guess it’s because he’s really, really stupid. Maybe his teacher is really mean and he’s doing it out of fear, but I’m going to give Fleer Gum the benefit of the doubt and say that the cartoon’s point is that Pud is such a dumbass that he’d bring home his dunce cap instead of discarding it. So I’m going to officially claim that this one has mild humor value.

That was too easy. Let’s see if there’s a funnier one.

“These shoes cost too much! I want to see something cheap!” “Look in the mirror!” I like that the kid with the shoes has a question mark above his head, as if he doesn’t realize that he’s just been dissed.

Another cut-off one. Doesn’t count.

Another cut-off one. Doesn’t count.

This one is just a sight gag. A kid is playing his guitar and singing, and a guy in the background is using a plunger on a sink. Whoa! Apparently that guy didn’t like the singing, because the kid now has the plunger stuck to his face! (And he’s got another question mark next to his head. Apparently he was under the mistaken impression that people enjoyed his singing! Welcome to harsh reality, kid!)

Hey, another music-themed one! What are the odds? So Pud is sitting there next to his violin, reading a comic book, and a cat is next to him howling. And this guy in the other room says “Pud, you’re getting better on the violin!” And both Pud and the cat have question marks next to their heads! Oh, Pud, when will you get the respect you deserve?

Last one: No, wait, dammit, it’s the THIRD time I’ve gotten the one with the rabbit on the TV! I understand that there are a finite number of hilarious adventures that Pud can possibly get into, but c’mon!

Last one, take two: And…it’s the dunce cap on the hat rack one. We’ve come full circle. 

Last one, take three: Another cut-off one. Doesn’t count.

Last one, take four: Another cut-off one. Doesn’t count. This is bull***t. 

Last one, take five: Okay, so Pud is sitting on a bench. Another guy sits on the other end, and it catapults Pud into the air! LOL! This one technically wasn’t Pud’s fault–he would’ve had no way of knowing that the bench was unsafe. Poor kid.

2 Responses to “The Search Continues…”

  1. Erik Smith Says:

    Here’s what I’m thinking: Take all the Pud cartoons, give them to the guy who made the “spoon” video, and , well, I hate to just toss around the word genius, but I think we would see some spectacular results.


  2. jeffstrand Says:

    That idea is so crazy that it just might work!


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