Big Ol’ Meanie

In an effort to get myself organized for 2010, I made up a list of manuscripts that I’m reading for other authors, either for a blurb that will destroy their credibility, or feedback that they’ll be wise to ignore. There are a LOT of them. And I’m really, REALLY far behind. It’s embarrassing.

I’m not just ridiculously far behind on reading. There’s stuff (like John Little’s THE GRAY ZONE) that I read weeks ago and loved and haven’t posted about yet. I suck.

Therefore, until further notice, I’m not reading any more manuscripts. Though it seems kinda self-indulgent to announce this to everybody (“Ooooooh! I’m so much in demand that I can’t handle the blurb workload!”) I figure I can direct people who make future requests to this post and they’ll know that I’m not just being a jerk to them personally.

If this doesn’t apply to you, you know who you are.

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