Interrogate Me!

So an interview I was going to do for the Dread Media podcast has turned into a guest-co-hosting gig! And we need YOUR questions. If you’ve got a horror-related, writing-related, or general-related question for me, and you want me to have to babble through my answer without any preparation, this is your chance! Send it to and host Desmond Reddick will ask it when we record the show.

Got a question for Desmond that you want ME to ask? Send it to

Got a question for both of us? Send it to…uh, either address.

Want to hear your lovely, melodic voice on the show? Call the official Dread Media voice mail line at 206-203-1213 and ask your question there!

There are 128 episodes of Dread Media available, and of course they’re all free, so check ’em out at

The actual recording date hasn’t been set yet, so until I say otherwise, you can assume that the question line is still open!


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