Research & BBQ!

This weekend my wife and I went on a book-research trip to the Florida Everglades. Fortunately for my deadline, I did not get eaten by any of the thousands of alligators that lurk within, nor did any poodles get consumed (that I saw). I’ve lived in Florida for fourteen years, and I’ve seen PLENTY of alligators, but still, it’s always cool to drive and say “There’s a gator! And another one! And another one! And another one!”

We made a brief stop at the official Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, which is less scientific than you might think but an experience that I recommend to everybody. We didn’t go through the reptile & bird exhibit this time, but we did a few years ago, and it offers the one-of-a-kind sensation that you’ve wandered into something out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

For dinner we went to Porky’s Last Stand in Naples, because when your GPS tells you that there’s a restaurant in the vicinity called Porky’s Last Stand, you go there. Most BBQ places offer a choice between a half-rack and a full rack of ribs–this place is “one rack or two?” We were ravenous (not a lot of dining opportunities in the Everglades) and went for the Hawg Fest For Two.

I’d love to say that we tore through the Hawg Fest For Two, leaving only gnawed bones, and that the drive home was filled with shameful silence, but we didn’t even come close. The to-go container is in my refrigerator at this very moment. We probably won’t even be able to eat all of it for lunch. But, oh, it was goooooood!

I came home to free passes to an advance screening of The Crazies. Score!!!

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